No Ripcord Album Review - White Buffalo - "Waiting To Go Home"
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White Buffalo
"Waiting To Go Home"

Despite "a major European support tour with an established UK rock band", White Buffalo remain unsigned. Their management seems to regard this as a travesty and a less cynical critic may be inclined to agree. Unfortunately for White Buffalo and their management, it's going to take more than a few unsubstantiated claims in a press release to pull the wool over my eyes. I loaded up Google and decided to do some investigating...

It only takes five minutes to find the information that White Buffalo opted to withhold from me. Remember that "established UK rock band"? You know, the one that wasn't mentioned in the press release, the band biography, or in fact, anywhere on the band's website? Well guess what? It was Marillion. That's right - White Buffalo supported Marillion. And they expect me to take them seriously? Oh dear...

White Buffalo give bland a new meaning. Their formulaic brand of corporate rock is truly nauseating. Have you heard enough yet, or do you require further evidence of White Buffalo's mediocrity? Try this lyric on for size: "I can't sleep at night with Satan screaming in my ears" - God, I'm blushing for them. White Buffalo are a band so pathetically clichéd that Bon Jovi would probably mock them. If you ever run into them on your travels then it is your duty, as a fan of honest, decent music, to point in their direction and laugh very loudly. Well, either that or run in the opposite direction. 1/10

Reviewed By David Coleman
24th of September 2002


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