No Ripcord Album Review - The Shining - "True Skies"
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The Shining
"True Skies" (Zuma)

Another release from The Shining and yet again the press release makes very clear the fact that some idiot at the NME (that great authority on "next big things" - remember Terris?) declared them the UKís "next great rock ní roll band". Now itís fair enough that the PR people are trying to sell The Shining - it is their job after all - but surely even they donít believe this most dubious of quotes? As far as Iím concerned, any person with a shred of sanity/taste should be able to see that True Skies contains the most nauseating and persistently mediocre pub-rock since, well, The Shiningís last single, Young Again.

I really donít think this album deserves any more of my valuable listening/reviewing time so Iíll leave you with an edited version of the NME quote. This is perhaps what the journalist in question would have written had his ears been wired up to his brain.

The Shining could be the next great rock ní roll band if:
a) They had anything worthwhile to say
b) They had a competent songwriter amongst the ranks
c) They ceased to sound like a mediocre Verve covers band
d) John Squire had stayed. One man does not make a band but it would have been a start...

True Skies a criminally bad album that should be avoided by everyone except close friends and family members of the band. I know it sounds harsh but to tell you otherwise would be grossly misleading (and not half as fun). 3/10

Reviewed By David Coleman
9th of September 2002


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