No Ripcord Album Review - The Music - "The Music"
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The Music
"The Music" (Hut Records)

If the prerequisite for the creation of great music was to smoke copious amounts of weed and to have an unflinching belief in your individual vision, then The Music would surely conquer the universe. Unfortunately there is politics/compromise, timing and countless other contributing factors that constitute greatness, not forgetting the small matter of tunes that can be whistled by fuckwit businessmen, milkmen and your mall-rat indie kid. There is no question that musically the Leeds combo has talent in abundance and their 21st century take on Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd is full of verve and enthusiasm, but there is a distinct lack of memorable moments to make this debut any more than an occasional curiosity. When it all gels and siren voiced singer Robert Harvey manages to connect with the intermittently joyous cacophony, there is an earth shattering union, creating a brutal harmony. Take The Long Road And Walk It and The People are prime examples of this amalgamation of primal sound and unwavering self-belief, the latter attempting the often disastrously executed marriage of rock and dance and almost pulling it off.

The main problem is that it tends to blend into a shambolic mass of squealing guitars and howling vocal histrionics, resulting in a wayward extended jam session, with the song coming a close second. When the songwriting process is honed and those wayward, weed inspired moments are kicked into touch; then the keys to the universe will be handed, with reverence, to the Kings of confidence. 6/10

Reviewed By Mark Mason
6th of September 2002


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