No Ripcord Album Review - The Levellers - "Green Blade Rising"
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The Levellers
"Green Blade Rising" (Eagle Records)

Like many, I was surprised to find the Levellers still around. I presumed they'd been hit by a bar of soap a few years back and simply disappeared (only joshing, boys).

But no: it's the 21st Century and they've managed to hang on for dear life. Our editor was expecting a real slating of a review here. But guess what? Errr... it's actually pretty good.

Really. Their brand of folk-rock with a tinge of anthem status lurking underneath (think Document / Green era R.E.M.) works very well here. Sure, there's nothing to match the rabble-rousing nature of Just The One or What A Beautiful Day but songs such as Pour or Pretty Target certainly don't slouch in the melodic tune stakes. Nothing fancy, just a bunch of quality songs.

Levellers fans, I presume, will love it. The rest of us could do worse than to give it a listen. White dreads and stinking clothes not required. 7/10

Reviewed By Peter Mattinson
8th of October 2002


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