No Ripcord Album Review - The Kennedy Soundtrack - "Tale Of 2 Cities"
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The Kennedy Soundtrack
"Tale Of 2 Cities" (Instant Karma Records)

Iíll get straight to the point - The Kennedy Soundtrack are just another dreary nu-metal outfit. The only thing that sets them aside from the rest of the talentless chancers that typify this genre is that they come from Wales. Pathetic isnít it? Why this band a) has a record deal and b) has any fans is totally beyond me - they are truly terrible.

In case you doubt me, try this lyric on for size - "even masturbation has lost its fun, thatís why Iím smoking so much weed". Proof, if it was needed, that the members of The Kennedy Soundtrack should grow up, get a life (and perhaps a girlfriend?), and stop inflicting such juvenile bollocks as this on our tired ears. There are no saving graces here and not even one momentary flash of competence - in fact not one thing about this album is even vaguely acceptable. Tale Of 2 Cities truly deserves the lowest score possible - 0/10.

Reviewed By David Coleman
19th of August 2002


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