No Ripcord Album Review - Halo - "Lunatic Ride"
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"Lunatic Ride" (Sony / S2 Records)

"I don't believe in compromise" sings follicularly challenged frontman Graeme on the "hilariously" titled Ali Or Nothing. He's lying - this record stinks of it. Everyone knows the story; band signs to major label and success arrives at the expense of integrity. Whether or not Halo ever had any artistic integrity (or whether they even know how to spell the word) remains to be seen, but as far as this review is concerned it is totally irrelevant. My job is to comment of the album as it sounds now - I'll leave the history lessons to someone who cares...

In Lunatic Ride Halo have produced the most distressingly empty album of the year. Even the stronger songs present are dominated by the overwhelming lack of feeling hangs that over this collection like a dark cloud - it really is depressing stuff (in the worst possible way).

I'll leave you with this harsh yet disturbingly true fact: next to Halo, Will Young has soul. If you think I'm lying, get your hands on a copy of Lunatic Rides and prepare to be disappointed... 2/10

Reviewed By David Coleman
11th of August 2002


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