No Ripcord Album Review - Cinerama - "Cinerama Holiday"
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"Cinerama Holiday" (Scopitones)

Released hot on the heels of the band's third album Torino, Cinerama Holiday is a mixed set comprised purely of the singles from 2000's Disco Volante and their associated B-sides. The question is, who (other than die-hard David Gedge fans) actually gives a damn? Not me, that's for sure...

I feel somewhat unprofessional in saying this, but Cinerama Holiday just strikes me as being a touch dull. Other critics have proclaimed Gedge a musical genius and many have applauded his ability to incorporate such powerful and universal feelings into a mere pop song. If only he could incorporate a memorable tune, then maybe Cinerama Holiday wouldn't be such a turgid affair. Oh well, there's always next time... 4/10

Reviewed By David Coleman
4th of October 2002


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