No Ripcord Album Review - Big Sur - "Big Sur"
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Big Sur
"Big Sur" (All Action Records)

Quiet is the new loud? Dream on. In Big Sur's case, quiet is merely the new dull. As country-tinged guitar lines dance gently over worryingly familiar chord progressions, the phrase "heard it all before" springs to mind. If you remember the NME-invented "New Acoustic Movement" and the retro-influenced bands it championed, then you will be all too familiar with Big Sur's dreary brand of music. In fact, you can probably stop reading now...

The national press may talk of "subtle melodies" and "understated beauty" but you must remember: they get paid to write that crap AND they have advertising space to sell. Take from me, a man who has suffered this album in its mindnumbing entirety: Big Sur are distinctly mediocre. Nothing more, nothing less. 4/10

Reviewed By David Coleman
18th of September 2002


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