No Ripcord Album Review - Aqualung - "Strange And Beautiful"
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"Strange And Beautiful"

With their recent single Strange And Beautiful currently residing at #7 in the UK singles chart, Aqualung have undoubtedly picked the perfect time to unleash their debut LP. And when you consider the fickle nature of the British public then surely Strange And Beautiful is a sure-fire bet to replicate the success of its namesake in the album chart? Well, perhaps. People may rush out to buy Strange And Beautiful purely on the strength of its leading single but as to whether they'll enjoy it, well, that's a different matter entirely.

On a purely song-for-song basis Aqualung may well have delivered the goods, but as an album, Strange And Beautiful is not without its faults. The most glaringly obvious of these has to be the shocking lack of variety on display. As each new song achieves the dubious feat of sounding like a pale imitation of its predecessor, you can actually feel the energy being sucked out of you.

As I said nice songs and everything but if Aqualung want to succeed at the highest level then they'll need a new formula or ten. 5/10

Reviewed By David Coleman
24th of September 2002


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