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Aqualung - "Strange And Beautiful"
They may be riding high in the UK charts but is the debut LP from Aqualung actually any good?

Beck - "Sea Change"
If this is what heartbreak sounds like, then here's to cold women and shattered illusions the whole world over.

Big Sur - "Big Sur"
Quiet is the new loud? I think not...

Al Brooker - "Quixotic"
Gone but not forgotten, Quixotic is a fitting tribute to the career of Al Brooker.

Cinerama - "Cinerama Holiday"
Another helping of Cinerama - oh lucky me!

Coin-Op - "Friendly Fire"
With echoes of Mogwai, Daft Punk and Radiohead, Coin-Op have Adam Booth all confused...

Coldplay - "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"
The new one from Coldplay - need we say more?

The Datsuns - "The Datsuns"
The mainstream press may have fallen in love with New Zealand's finest but as The Datsuns are about to discover, it takes a lot more than a greasy haircut and some plundered riffs to earn a good review in No Ripcord.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - "Horse Of The Dog"
"I wanna fuck your mother / it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it well." Strange sounds indeed from Brighton...

Garlic - "The Murky World Of Seats"
Quirky, left of centre and for once, pretty damn good...

Halo - "Lunatic Ride"
"Next to Halo, Will Young has soul" - it's that bad...

Kennedy Soundtrack - "Tale Of 2 Cities"
Nu-metal from Welsh youngsters - need I say more?

Leaves - "Breathe"
String-drenched guitar-pop from Iceland.

The Levellers - "Green Blade Rising"
I was expecting a good old-fashioned slating but Peter Mattinson had other ideas...

The Liars - "They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top"
If anyone told you this was good they were the liars (sorry).

The Lollies - "Taste"
As Peter learns, sweetness and bitterness aren't always so far apart...

J Mascis & The Fog - "Free So Free"
Mascis proves his worth on this, his second album with The Fog...

The Mink Lungs - "The Better Button"
Flashes of indie-rock greatness from yet another New York band.

Miss Black America - "God Bless Miss Black America"
Angry, political sounds from Bury St-Edmunds' finest...

The Music - "The Music"
Mark Mason gives the hotly-tipped Leeds band a second chance...

Noonday Underground - "Surface Noise"
With Paul Weller on guest vocals and an unfeasible amount of samples the Noonday Underground could hardly go wrong...

The Polyphonic Spree - "The Begining Stages Of..."
Twenty-five Texans dressed in white robes? You'd better believe it.

Puressence - "Planet Happiness"
Not The Stone Roses - merely another formulaic indie outfit...

Saint Etienne - "Finisterre"
The club-pop masters have rediscovered their origins and have created an album of intelligent, catchy and upbeat, head nodding choons.

The Shining - "True Skies"
Ex-Verve and Seahorses members attempt to prove that life goes on...

Snowblind - "The Falls"
Jangly, Sundays-esque indie-pop.

Suede - "A New Morning"
A New Morning? I think not. Suede's fifth album may be an improvement on 1999's Head Music but it is far from a masterpiece.

Various Artists - "Indie-cent Exposure Quirk Sampler"
A sampler from the nice people at

Paul Weller - "Illumination"
A welcome return to form for the Modfather...

White Buffalo - "Waiting To Go Home"
Unsigned? I wonder why...

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The Breeders - "Son Of Three"
Another top single from the Deal sisters...

HEM - "I'm Talking With My Mouth EP"
Springsteen, Costello and Johnny Cash all receive alt-country makeovers on this covers EP.

Ben Kweller - "Wasted And Ready"
Radish are dead, long live Ben Kweller - slacker songwriter extraordinaire.

Longwave - "Pool Song"
Forget The Strokes support slot and the New york background - Longwave deserve attention for their music alone...

Ride - "Coming Up For Air"
Andy Bell proves that there's more to life than Oasis on this brand new Ride single.

Suede - "Positivity"
New single, same formula.

Paul Weller - "It's Written In The Stars"
A return to form for Mr Weller we think...

The White Stripes - "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground"
Garage-rock perfection from Detroit's absolute finest...

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The Strokes - Reading Festival (23/8/02)
Last year they were lucky to play on the main stage, this year they headlined it.

The Dawn Parade - Sheffield Casbah (16/7/02)
Tom Lee bravely ventures into the Casbah to check out the rising new stars from Bury St-Edmunds.

The Flaming Lips - Cambridge Junction (9/7/02)
Sadness, psychedelia, philosophy and pure unadulterated joy - it could only be Wayne Coyne & Co.

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Brighton Rock - DVD Release
Richard Attenborough impresses as the psychotic gangster Pinkie in the screen version of Graham Greene's novel.

The Importance Of Being Earnest - Cinema Release
Colin Firth and Rupert Everett star in this flawed big screen version of Wilde's classic play.

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