Irish Influence on the British Indie Pop Scene

People from all over the world have listened to British pop music for decades, but as a matter of fact that genre has been heavily influenced by singers and bands from Irish descent.

Some of the biggest names in the British music industry were born in post war era, often in families with strong Irish ties. Let’s have look at some of them:

McCartney and Lennon

mccartney-and-lennonLiverpool is known to be the center of the indie pop world; this was especially true back in the 1960s when the likes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, two key members of The Beatles, were influencing the world with their lyrics. If you listen carefully, you will easily identify traces of Irish influence in their music and, to some extent, their lyrics. This fact was even more evident after McCartney and Lennon decided to go their separate ways.

John Lydon

Johnny Rotten, who was better known by his stage name John Lydon, was a second generation Irish who went on to form both Sex Pistols and P.I.L. He even dared to denounce the Queen of England in his work. Many of that generation considered him to be a degenerate and anti-socia. He has been blamed several times over his career for leading thousands of older English boys farther from their paths.

Stephen Morrissey

Hailing from Salford, this lyricist better known simply as Morrissey was the frontman of the Smiths, now recognised as one of the most influential bands of the Eighties, single-handedly responsible for the birth of many more formations and the prominence of other artists, including the Cranberries and Jeff Buckley. His political stance against the Royal Family has returned over and over even in his solo career, and he remains one of the most controversial figures of pop music.

Noel and Liam Gallagher

Two fifths, as well as co-founders of Oasis are also second generation Irish, with strong ties to the local community of immigrants in Manchester. While obvious and avid listeners of US rock and blues, one of their main influences was seminal musician Rory Gallagher (no connection!).