Indie Pop Band Gengahr are Coming to Liverpool

indie-pop-band-gengahrGengahr is an Indie pop group that is widely popular in the UK. They had announced their tour of the UK with several stops planned for some major cities and night clubs.

A grand total of 19 intimate shows had been organized for the band on this tour which will also make an appearance at the popular Boiler Room in Guildford. The band and their team made an appearance at Guildford on 26th November 2016 which marked their tour as halfway complete. Gengahr is a relatively new band on the Indie pop scene having released their first debut album, A Dream Outside, only last year. Having tasted success early in their careers, they want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to pleasing their fans which are quickly growing.

Their first album was very well received and especially noted for creating a new fusion between dreamy pop and psychedelic rock. Even the critics liked their work. The year 2015 was action packed for the band, however, the year 2016 has been keeping them busy and off the cameras as they are preparing for their grand tour, and possibly working on a new album.

Now that music fans have tasted their music and expectations are high, band members are hoping that their second album, which they have almost completed working on, will be able to meet the expectations and hit the right balance with the critics and fans alike.

Meanwhile, they also have to prepare for their tour, the success of which can largely impact the release of their second album. No official dates for the release of the album have been declared by their publicist or the band members themselves.

Bushe is the lead vocalist of the band and he says he is very excited for the band’s second album and all the songs they have composed.