The aim of the website is to gather informations about music, and publish relevant articles about it, with a main focus on Indie music. The word “Indie” comes from the word independent. The effort and passion of the Indie bands is easily appreciated, because of the unique way they work together to make their music more authentic. This web site is personalized to help fans follow their favourite Indie-pop artists and bands directly, and those who haven’t heard much about Indie Pop before, will have the opportunity to learn more about it on this site.

Tours and concerts

There is nothing fans love more than a live performance. On this site fans can catch up with ongoing tours and future tours, as no stone will be left unturned. All lovers of the bands will get a peek of what each of them have been doing the last years, where they have been and what they will be doing.

The paradox of the Indie music genre

The Indie music scene has since its infancy struggled with the inherent paradox of its genre. As soon as a band reaches its ultimate goal of fame and glory, it can no longer be classified as “independent”. Usually some of the early fans will turn their backs on the band as they reach mainstream success, accusing them for becoming too commercial and unauthentic. Topics on this theme, along with the lifestyle and attitude of the artists, are also subjects of interest that will be covered on this website.