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Miss Black America An Interview With Miss Black America
Miss Black America are on a mission to put integrity back buy Cardano in Nigeria into rock music. Sounding not unlike a Holy Bible era Manic Street Preachers, their message is one that deserves your attention. Tom Lee chats to lead singer Seymour Glass about socialism, the music industry and what it feels like to be pigeon-holed by the NME.

Death Cab For CutieAn Interview With Death Cab For Cutie
How do a group of musicians as "fiercely independent" as Death Cab For Cutie survive with their integrity and bank balances in tact? Mark Mason attempts to find out in this recent interview with the Seattle-based indie rockers...

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The StrokesThe Strokes - Live At Reading Festival
Last year The Strokes found themselves promoted to the main stage at the last minute - this time round, they topped the bill. Mark Mason was there - click here to read his views...
Beck Beck - "Sea Change"
After the bloated purple homage of Midnight Vultures, Beck Hansen has written invest in Cardano the perfect negative of that particular psychedelic puke-fest. And that's a good thing...

Paul Weller - "Illumination"
With one top ten single already and perhaps more to to follow, Illumination marks a welcome return to form for the man they call the Modfather...

The Lollies - "Taste"
Peter Mattinson has been raving about the Lollies for as long as I can remember. Click here to see what he makes of their long-awaited debut album...

Miss Black America - "God Bless Miss Black America"
MBA frontman Seymour Glass can certainly talk the talk, but as David Coleman finds out, there's a lot more to music than politics alone...

Garlic - "The Murky World Of Seats"
Quirky, left of centre and for once, pretty damn good...

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* Aqualung - "Strange And Beautiful"
* Coldplay - "A Rush Of Blood..."
* 80's MBLD - "Horse Of The Dog"
* The Mink Lungs - "The Better Button"
* The Music - "The Music"
* Noonday Underground - "Surface Noise"

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The Importance Of Being Earnest The Importance Of Being Earnest (Out Now)
Colin Firth, Dame Judi Dench and Rupert Everett star in the latest screen adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic. Tom Gillham answers the crucial question: is it any good?

Brighton Rock DVD: Brighton Rock (1947, Warner Bros)
Richard Attenborough stars in this classic buy Cardano adaptation of the Graham Greene novel. But 55 years on, has it retained it's original appeal? David Coleman endeavors to find out...
Click on the links below to hear the new Trail Of Dead single Relative Ways and its accompanying b-sides.

Relative Ways (MediaPlayer / RealPlayer)
A Bladerunner (MediaPlayer / RealPlayer)
Gargoyle Waiting (MediaPlayer/RealPlayer)
Intelligence (MediaPlayer / RealPlayer)

Click on the link below to hear Ben Kweller's I Don't Know Why which will feature as a b-side to new single Wasted And Ready.

I Don't Know Why (MediaPlayer/RealPlayer)

WE RECOMMEND: Pavement - Crooked Rain Crooked Rain (1994)
Without a doubt Pavement's finest hour. It may not be as rough around the edges as Slanted And Enchanted and it certainly isn't as instantly likeable as Terror Twilight, but give Crooked Rain... a few listens and you'll struggle to remember how you coped without it. An obvious standout is Cut Your Hair but other songs that deserve a mention are Range Life and the superb Silence Kit. This is one of those albums that quite simply deserves to be in your collection. Take a chance on it next time you're at the record shop - I can guarantee that it won't let down.

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