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Indie Music; The Evolution

Indie music is actually a short form for “Independent” music and is, by technical definition, music that is produced and created separately from any of the major record labels. This basically means that this genre is “Do-It Yourself” music. This further means that the costs associated with

Irish Influence on the British Indie Pop Scene

People from all over the world have listened to British pop music for decades, but as a matter of fact that genre has been heavily influenced by singers and bands from Irish descent. Some of the biggest names in the British music industry were born in post

The Significance of Musical Reviews to Contemporary Artists

Online magazine sites that specialize in reviewing music, film and television programs play a very important role in as far as development of the arts industry is concerned. The internet has made it possible for individuals to develop websites that are specifically meant to act as a

Indie Pop Star Rebels of the 70s and 80s

Continuing the research on the indie pop star rebels of the 70s and 80s, in this post, you will learn more about some notable bands and singers and their work. Kevin Rowland The second generation Irish song writers and composers of the British looked at Kevin Rowland

Indie Pop Band Eliza and the Bear

Eliza and the Bear is an indie pop-folk band from the UK. They have recently announced that they are going to perform some of the hit tracks from their debut album at the Midlands. Yes, they are coming to the Midlands to perform. Fans of the band

Indie Pop Band Gengahr are Coming to Liverpool

Gengahr is an Indie pop group that is widely popular in the UK. They had announced their tour of the UK with several stops planned for some major cities and night clubs. A grand total of 19 intimate shows had been organized for the band on this

Indie Pop: The Sherlocks are Going to Tour the UK

The Sherlocks is an indie pop band that has their roots in Dearne Valley. This indie pop band has been touring the cities of UK for some time now, but now they have announced their biggest ever tour that will begin in 2017. Their line up consists

How to Access Review Sites

Web hosting reviews are usually conducted by different web hosts with a slant towards a particular field such as gambling, online gaming as well as movie or musical reviews. However, expire domains are also common – many owners fail to renew their sites and they are eventually

The Kooks Are Set to Perform in Bristol

Fans of The Kooks have been listening to their songs for more than a decade, and now they are going to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the band perform live in Bristol. In a recent announcement, the band revealed that they are going